Travel Secrets Trilogy

by Shar Lemond

Travel Secrets: Book TWO –


Her adventure in Brazil has transformed the shy and curvy Rachel into the confident and sexy Raquel. It has also earned the travel writer a luxurious trip to France, another sensual destination with its own “travel secrets.” In one of France’s most famous wine regions, Raquel is courted by the suave and enchanting Maxime and the rugged female winemaker Alixandrie. Raquel’s boss, Ryan, also seems interested in her, but his girlfriend and supermodel Chantal continues to sabotage Raquel at every turn. Raquel’s biggest challenge, however, is to stay true to her new self. What kind of transformation awaits her as a traveler this time? Read Travel Secrets Book Two: Paris and Bordeaux to find out!

“Wow! I couldn’t put it down and loved every minute!”

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