Travel Secrets Trilogy by Shar Lemond

Travel writer Rachel Moore bets her boss she can find a scoop about Rio de Janeiro. If not, she’ll lose her job. While touring Rio in search of new information about one of the world’s most publicized cities, she has to stand up to the bullying of one of her company’s gorgeous models and a snarky photographer, who make fun of her ideas and body. Her sexy Latin tour guide tries to convince her she is beautiful, but after a lifetime of being told otherwise, she finds it hard to believe. In her quest for a scoop she has to face her internal demons as she dances in front of samba school masters, parades in the carnival, and is urged to perform a striptease with her local girlfriends at a bachelorette party.

Rachel’s life-changing adventure only begins in Rio. It then continues in Paris and in a Bordeaux vineyard in book two, and concludes in Travel Secrets magazine offices in New York City in book three. We see how travel opens Rachel’s eyes and help her mature into a confident, sexy woman.

The book is written using a first person narration, which affords the reader access to Rachel’s inner world as she asks herself questions to which most of us want answers: What is sexy? What underscores real confidence? How do I achieve happiness? What should I look for in a man? How should I treat others? How do I spread my ideas in society?

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