The Reader by Bouguereau

One of my top favorite painters is William Bouguereau. Here is one of his version of a young girl reading. Other than the utter beauty and charm of the setting and the girl, my favorite part is her fingers, on the verge of turning a page. As she patiently looks at us, her eyes seem to indicate she is giving us this moment, but in another moment she will go back to reading her book. What a delightful moment Bouguereau has depicted!

The Reader

Leonardo Painting the Mona Lisa by Cesare Maccari – 1863

I love this colorful, lively painting, but there is undoubtedly one favorite feature: the line between Da Vinci’s and Mona Lisa’s eyes. Their unbroken connection is emphasized by the distracting things around them, the musician, poet, and unruly dog. Still, in spite of it all, she keeps on looking at him with that mysterious look of hers, and he is delving into her face with the utmost seriousness, his brush at the ready. What a delightful painting!

Cesare Maccari - Leonardo Painting the Mona Lisa. 1863


Favorite Art: Dolce Far Niente – 1

Dolce far Niente 2One of my favorite artists, John William Godward, painted a few images by the title Dolce Far Niente, which means Sweet Idleness. I adore the beauty he was able to project, teasing the senses with warm colors and materials contrasted by shimmering water and cold marble. But most of all, I love the depiction of those eyes, lost in thought. We are allowed to be part of this enchanting lady’s private moment, which I can savor forever.