If you enjoy something, you’ll stick with it! Find out what you like to do. For me, that’s Zumba. The classes I attend are filled with very different women. Each of us is there for the sole purpose of strutting her stuff and having fun while staying fit. And don’t get me wrong: It is a workout! We do squats, jumping jacks, and a ton of side crunches, all while dancing pretty complicated routines. If I skip a class, I not only miss it, my body misses it too. I start feeling stiff, and full of pent up energy.
To the ladies who don’t try it, fearing they won’t get the moves or something, here’s what you do: Ask which teacher is the easiest (there’s a huge range!), then stand in the back and familiarize yourself with the steps (or do it at home on YouTube). Make sure your shoes have a pivot point, and are at least half a size bigger than your shoe size. And have fun with it! Remember: No one is looking!
And guys: What do women love about men, maybe even more than the all-hailed sense of humor? You guessed it: Being able to dance! What’s more romantic than being swept away by a man confident enough to lead? When a man comes into Zumba class (there are a few brave souls), he reminds us that we are women. More on that in the “Men” category (soon!).