Since my novel is told in the first person, I will let my heroine herself introduce it:
My name is Rachel Moore, and I’ve always dreamed of going to Rio de Janeiro. Now that I’m here, I’ve fallen in love with its beauty and its people. The Brazilians are sweet and warm, unlike the two Americans who accompanied me. Kevin the photographer and Chantal the model torment me to no end over my ideas and my looks, but I’m used to it.
I’ve hired a couple of tour guides to show me the city and help me find the scoop that will  enable me to keep my travel writer’s job back in New York. My sensual tour guide, Isabel, is both beautiful and affectionate. She calls me “Raquel,” which I kinda like. As for Otavio, my mouth hung open when I first saw this rugged, sexy man. When he flirts with me, I don’t know how to flirt back. Someone like that has never paid attention to me before. He says curvy women like me are adored here in Brazil. After a lifetime of ridicule, how am I supposed to believe that?
The locals are trying to help me find an original scoop, but time is running out. I’m enjoying every moment here, but if I can’t find a scoop, I’m going back home unemployed. To lose my job now, when we finally have a new, awesome billionaire boss who could propel the business to new heights would totally suck. I have to find something, before my two weeks run out.