To me, men are the fantastic creatures who’ve built this amazing globe we live in. I don’t condemn you for past oppression like some women do, because that was the norm for most of history. If a woman ever tries to shame you with accusations relating to any time before you were born, remind her there’s such a thing as context, and refuse to accept the guilt!
My heroine, Rachel, never mistreats a man or tries to shame him like that. The only character who lets himself be abused by his wife will not tolerate it for long.
If you give my book a try, you might come to admire Rachel’s confrontation with her bullies and her inner demons. And you will see that many of her questions about femininity naturally encompass some answers about masculinity. And isn’t everyone so confused about these concepts nowadays?
I don’t want to disclose too much right now. Just know this: If you’ve been confused by the modern woman, you will find a lot of answers in this trilogy, and hopefully, some much needed peace of mind.