I see and read about so many women who love each other, yet still tease one another incessantly. Such is Rachel’s relationship with her two American besties, Jess and Ashley. She knows they’re just kiddin’ around, but bullying is also the norm in her life.
That is not the case in Brazil. There, Rachel is constantly showered with love and admiration. For the first time in her life, she is envied for her “big” butt, and her initiative is admired. No longer surrounded by negativity, she begins to wonder why was it ever there in the first place, and whether or not she can change the status quo when she goes back to New York.
I hope you enjoy seeing what happens when I drop Rachel into the culture of Rio de Janeiro, and later into Paris and Bordeaux, and then she finally returns N.Y. The style of these different cultures is like a smell of a perfume: some are enchanting, some sickly sweet, but they’re always absolutely unique.