I’ve suffered from Irritable Bowl Syndrome for years. The doctors mostly shrug and call it “nervous stomach.” But then I found a naturopath who took me off gluten, saying it has eroded the lining of my gut all this time. This scared me straight, and I’ve given up on all products containing wheat a few years ago. How do I stick with it? That’s simple enough: It took away my IBS and with it, my constant need and dependency on having a bathroom nearby.
But more than that, he opened my eyes to the vitally important connection of what we eat and the way we feel. As a result, I’m eating almost exclusively whole foods today. It was a learning curve, no doubt, but absolutely worth it.
With so many of us sick, depressed, or unable to sleep, the connection with food is practically glaring. This post is too short to convince anyone, but I hope it would make you curious to learn more, and also more accepting to people who choose to eat more healthfully. I cringe every time I hear anyone on TV making fun of gluten allergies, because such stupidity might discourage someone who’s struggling from making a real change in their lives. So please keep your mind open.
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