This memoir offers a window into a conflicted, depressed soul. We then accompany the writer as she regains the simple joys of life in Italy, finds inner peace through lots of praying and soul searching in India, and finds love again in Bali.
Many people deal with similar problems to some degree and could use a journey of their own to grow up and find themselves and what makes them happy. And even though Elizabeth Gilbert believes she’s found her God, which helps her be one with her inner peace, if you read the book carefully you plainly see *she* was the instrument that brought about her own happiness — which, she also admits, is our reason for being — with which I wholeheartedly agree.
In Travel Secrets, the heroine is also shaped by her travels, but with one main difference: While Elizabeth Gilbert looked to God to find herself, Rachel Moore looks inside herself for the answers.
I must add that I’m saddened to see all the super negative, sometimes hateful reviews of this book. If Elizabeth Gilbert did one thing it is to bare her soul to the world, which is a brave act that really shouldn’t merit such hatred.