My Review of Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is a wonderfully spirited and principled girl and woman. She never takes the easy or tempting path while disregarding the context of a situation. And when she’s offered a choice, at the end of the book, between her personal happiness and devoting herself to God, she chooses a way consistent with her character, leading to a satisfactory ending.

On the down side, this choice between happiness and God wasn’t present throughout the whole book, and I was surprised when it surfaced in the third part. Also, Bronte should have edited more ruthlessly. I find her extremely verbose, and I usually enjoy detailed descriptions.

If love this book and I highly recommend it, especially to adolescents.



Leonardo Painting the Mona Lisa by Cesare Maccari – 1863

I love this colorful, lively painting, but there is undoubtedly one favorite feature: the line between Da Vinci’s and Mona Lisa’s eyes. Their unbroken connection is emphasized by the distracting things around them, the musician, poet, and unruly dog. Still, in spite of it all, she keeps on looking at him with that mysterious look of hers, and he is delving into her face with the utmost seriousness, his brush at the ready. What a delightful painting!

Cesare Maccari - Leonardo Painting the Mona Lisa. 1863