This painting William A. Bouguereau did of his daughter, Henrietta (the painting is also called Head of A Girl) is a fantastic example of why I love Romantic Realism. This means it displays reality in a romantic fashion, which means in the highest possible sense known to man, i.e., a romanticized version of reality. You see, Bouguereau made it his business to paint skin in the most sublime way possible, the kind of perfect, flawless, peaches and cream skin that just makes one gape at it in awe and disbelief, as it looks so perfect and lifelike on the canvas. Whether he painted a beautiful, flourishing maiden or a paltry beggar, the subject is always so beautiful as to be considered heavenly. The skin, the fabric, the color, the view, are all painted in the utmost care and with a reflection of the artist’s passionate soul.
If you like this work, look up William Bouguereau online. You will find more than 800 jaw-dropping beauties. If you’re lucky, you may even discover a piece or two in your local museum, where you can go and take it in in all its glory for as long as you like.
Head of a Girl - Henrrietta - Bouguereaus daughter