It has been an agonizing two months. Leaning how to self-publish was not easy, especially since there is so much information out there. I’ll probably post about it soon, with the hope of saving someone else some time and sparing some nerves.
The main point is: The print version is available for purchase today! I was going to set-up pre-orders for it like I did for the eBook, but Amazon doesn’t give self-published authors that option. There’s is a very circuitous way around it, which I’ll try doing with Book Two. This time I’d already reached my “tech quota.” Yes, indeed; it’s been two months of learning technical stuff and doing no writing. The pièce de résistance was a week of a final polishing of the manuscript. I am so relieved it is all done.
Of course, now there’s promoting work, but I’m not going to do too much of that. Book Two is itching to be written this summer.
What I love about the print version is that you get to see the beautiful front and back cover like this.
I can’t stop smiling!
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