I have been waiting to write this for years! My heroine, Rachel, has just spent a very emotional week in Bordeaux with a lot of ups and downs. Now she is going to Paris and I get to write one of the most romantic, amazing scenes of the whole trilogy.
Here’s the photo of France’s wine country I had as a background on my laptop these past few weeks. If you’ve read the first installment, Travel Secrets: Book One – Rio de Janeiro, you know that Rachel doesn’t look like this tall, slender lady, but is a petite, curvy one instead. But this photo was just what I needed to invoke the mood I had set for book two and the closest one I could find online to what I had in mind.
Note that whatever your wine knowledge is, I am 99.99% certain I can teach you something new. For the wine novices among you, I hope to shed some light of the sometimes perplexing world of French wines. But first and foremost, this novel is about femininity. Rachel’s newfound resolve will be tested amongst the fabulous and sophisticated French women. I can’t wait to share this story with you!