I always get excited when I get a stellar review like this one:
“Adventure and Romance in Rio”
“This was a delightful read about a young woman who decides to leave her comfort zone geographically and spiritually, discovering along the way that she is stronger than she’s given herself credit for, and more desirable. With an emphasis on her awakening sexuality, Rachel’s story immerses us in the city of Rio (vividly described), the female friendships she forges with the locals (refreshing and sweet), and her Brazilian flame, Otavio, (sincere and gorgeous.) Unlike so many of the cringe-worthy stories that are published these days, Travel Secrets is an adventure-romance that rings with benevolence and psychological health. Thankfully no depravity here! Look forward to reading more from Shar Lemond.”
To read more about Travel Secrets: Book One – Rio de Janeiro go to www.tinyurl.com/travelsecretsrio