Many people struggle to derive beauty from Facebook among a clutter or negative news or memes their friends share. As a result, many give up on Facebook.
Not me. I love Facebook, but only because of the way I manage it.
First of all, I’ve downloaded FB Purity, which helped me hide tending news on the right column and much more. You can hide any word that’s a trigger to you, for instance.
Then I chose what I want to see first. This is crucial for my sanity and benevolence. One of the pages I see first is called Romanticando Charme Chic. All they do is post beautiful photos such as this.
A photo likes this makes me pause, take in a deep breath, and imagine myself sitting in that field of lavender on that beautiful day, sipping a cold or perhaps a warm beverage.
Sometimes they share beautiful images of cities like Paris or the Amalfi coast. Sometimes they share pretty images of cozy rooms and table settings which give me a cozy feeling and also some great ideas, like this photo.
I would never have thought of combining the warm tones of autumn with Delft Blue, but it looks so beautiful and inviting and the colors complement each other perfectly.
After this page, I see a few international friends who only share similar images. One’s in Italy, another is in Australia, one’s in England. They share nothing but pretty photos or jokes and give a wonderful start to my day.
I hope you give it a try and have a wonderful experience, too.